“Our whole focus is that sound matters. Our team is steeped in deep music tradition, so we understand how sounds and textures fit together to tell a story”.

Before we produce, we listen. Before we mix and sound design your commercial or promo or animated show, we listen. Before we score your feature film, we listen.

We listen well because it’s the essence of collaboration, and we want to hear what YOU have to say. We listen well so your message always rings true.


  • Congrats to the creative team of Nimona the Audiobook!! Justhellip
  • Were thrilled to share the news that mcgoozers single Fallinghellip
  • The cast and crew of theaterforone the project at Signaturehellip
  • Sandblasts Loren with singersongwriter officialbethhart before her Front amp Centerhellip
  • Why Sandblast? Two key reasons we listen and collaborate Learnhellip
  • Head on over to bitlymcgoooneandonly to check out mcgoozers latesthellip
  • Sound matters SandblastProductions
  • tbt to Lorens interview with thisisrobthomas after a show athellip

June 27, 20176:03 pm
#Nimona!! Great cast: Rebecca Soler & Jonathan Davis (pictured), Marc Thompson, January LaVoy, Natalie Gold, Pete… https://t.co/3NdIG56iNK
June 27, 20176:00 pm
#Nimona!!!! Also congrats to @HarperAudio, and to Paul Goodrich for mixing and mastering. And to the amazing cast, listed next post!
June 27, 20175:58 pm
#Nimona Audiobook wins #Odyssey Honor #ALAAC2017. Congrats to Kevin Thomsen, and Loren Toolajian @SandblastProd who composed the music.


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