“Our whole focus is that sound matters. Our team is steeped in deep music tradition, so we understand how sounds and textures fit together to tell a story”.

Before we produce, we listen. Before we mix and sound design your commercial or promo or animated show, we listen. Before we score your feature film, we listen.

We listen well because it’s the essence of collaboration, and we want to hear what YOU have to say. We listen well so your message always rings true.


  • TBT to SouthsideJohnny and the asburyjukes playing live at theiridium!
  • Loren and JJ from officialkaleo right before they played athellip
  • About 3 hours away from Rob Thomas live concert athellip
  • Repost dawestheband Were counting down the hours until the soldhellip
  • Dave Weiss one of NYs best stopped by last weekhellip
  • Theres magic when Taylor and Gifford from Dawes sing togetherhellip
  • A quick overview from Loren about his time spent withhellip
  • TBT to Loren hanging with actors RichardKind  gloriamann22 athellip

August 21, 20164:41 pm
Dave Weiss stopped by last week to play bass flute on Loren's music cues for the audio book #Nimona, coming soon! https://t.co/nGfX25dQzL
August 19, 20168:59 pm
Loren & JJ from @officialkaleo. Let's give Loren a slow clap for taping an "O" on his "Eat More Kale" shirt. More at https://t.co/vhdNU4Wq2j
August 18, 201610:38 pm
There’s magic when Taylor & Gifford from @dawestheband sing together; it’s the brother thing, and it’s so damn good. https://t.co/yBW0AnaMtU


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